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Powerful Cloud-based
Broadcast Platform

Practical Solutions 

Managing live video at broadcast quality in high-pressure mission-critical environments requires the use of tools designed for the job

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3D graphics for

enhanced presentation

and game play.

Polling in real time

with graphical


Voting options

for live audience


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Network with

200+ interlinked

data centres.

Ultra Low Latency

video and

audio transport.

Network allowing

for millions

of simultaneous streams.

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Crisp uncompressed

48KHz stereo

duplex audio.

Direct individual

contributor talkback

from the gallery.

Cloud recording of

individual audio and video streams

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Ultra low latency

transport of HD or

UHD content.

Built in frame

synchronized Game


Scalable to hundreds

of thousands

of contributors

More than just video

PATH Studio delivers HD quality video and stereo sound at lightning speed

Our Clients

Press Coverage

ITV Studios

The power of PATH enables the Covid-safe production using the system to direct and manage live shoots with the director and producers in another country.  The directors and producers of the 2020 UAE production of Come Dine With Me remained in Lebanon, whilst managing their multi-camera shoot in realtime in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


More Client Stories

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