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The Power of PATH is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and cloud-based video management tools.  For super-low latency transport of broadcast-quality video from anywhere around the world, the Power of PATH is unmatched.  We expect to deliver less than a 300 millisecond round trip from London to LA, making real time natural conversation possible.

Not only is it fast, but the capabilities in the cloud using the Power of PATH are also immense, virtual audience management, IFB talkback, teleprompter management, director or producer dashboards, virtual green rooms, and a range of voting, quizzing and polling platforms that are unique to the system.


PATH for Broadcasters

Television is our DNA

Broadcasters Using PATH

Most Popular


Use the fastest secure HD contributor feeds in the market from homes, live locations, or studios. 


An at-home kit provides the specifications and usability of a studio, with a teleprompter, lighting and camera control, and gallery IFE talkback.


Using the Power of PATH you can have up to six live contributors in full HD, with individual talkback and secure green rooms for pre-briefing.

Live Show Recording
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Our Audience Relays manage up to 30 guests each, creating unlimited potential for an amazing giant studio wall experience.

Outputs in to your vision mixer from our audience relays can each power a video wall of up to 30 guests, which a presenter can interact with in real-time, and the director can speak to or mute anyone of them. 

Add several audience relays together and you can have a live video wall with hundreds of guests.

Using our Studio Relays you can take individual guests and enjoy all the functionality you would have if they were in the studio next door, with talkback, lighting and remote camera control, and teleprompter control.

PATH for Awards and Live Events

More than 90 guests and a dozen presenters from different locations were all managed live for the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards from the PATH control center in Burbank, California. 

Live Events

No other system in the market today can handle hundreds of guests, provide virtual green rooms, briefing rooms and allow producers to talk back to guests and presenters.

Individual cloud recording of each contributor feed or room enables a complex experience to be created, with backstage and exclusive material easily created. 


Government & Democracy

Bringing people and the elected closer together

Government and Democracy

Business video conferencing solutions are not normally designed to work in mission critical, high definition, time-stamped and auditable ways. 


Using the Power of PATH, elected chambers, parliamentary committees, public inquiries and international diplomacy can be conducted remotely in high definition, with all contributions saved individually in HD for subsequent use.

The voting applications are accurate to within 6 milliseconds, so that operators can be confident that all votes were accurately and fairly counted, and the details of the votes can be audited.

For large state visits or conferences, where contributions are needed remotely, the unavoidable time delays and buffering in many business systems are simply not robust enough for events involving heads of state of government, ministers of senior officials.

Using the Power of PATH, events, including break out rooms and committees can be delivered in crisp HD video with participants in different locations able to speak to each other normally. 


The entire record of the event can be stored, with each feed and contributor stored in HD in the cloud.

United Nations

Remote Production & COVID Security 

Using the Power of PATH, your crew and gallery can be miles, or even continents apart

Remote Production & COVID Security
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The ultra-low latency of HD video delivery to your vision mixer, and the rich functionality of the PATH Studio cloud management suite make it possible to have cameras and crews in one location, and your directors and producers in another.  Each output can be recorded in the cloud so you can either use the real time outputs to mix shows with a video latency of 200ms, or you can download the stored HD or UHD files later for frame accurate editing.


This means that the producers and directors of ITV Studios Middle East's Come Dine With Me were able to manage the crews from their homes and offices in Lebanon.  

If you are looking for Covid security for your productions, the Power of PATH allows directors, producers, researchers and many other tasks to be managed remotely, because the speed is so fast you can direct a camera operator and presenter from your own home.

Live Audience Walls 

The PATH Studio manages an audience of 130 people in every Dr Phil show

Live Audience Walls

Live audiences can vote, engage with presenters, run quizzes and questions and create an engaging experience from hundreds of locations.

The PATH Studio manages an audience of 130 people in every Dr Phil show

The Power of PATH is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and audience management services, offering scalable solutions for broadcasters of events of all sizes. We off the PATH Studio in the cloud to allow producers to manage every audience member individually, with one-on-one talkback and direct delivery to a gallery with lightning speed for video and audio.


We built our solutions by closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations with our product. Get in touch today to learn more about the the Power of PATH and how it can bring your studio audience to life.

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