Remote Production

Using the Power of PATH, your crew and gallery can be miles, or even continents apart

The ultra-low latency of HD video delivery to your vision mixer, and the rich functionality of the PATH Studio cloud management suite make it possible to have cameras and crews in one location, and your directors and producers in another.  Each output can be recorded in the cloud so you can either use the real time outputs to mix shows with a video latency of 200ms, or you can download the stored HD or UHD files later for frame accurate editing.

This means that the producers and directors of ITV Studios Middle East's Come Dine With Me were able to manage the crews from their homes and offices in Lebanon.  

If you are looking for Covid security for your productions, the Power of PATH allows directors, producers, researchers and many other tasks to be managed remotely, because the speed is so fast you can direct a camera operator and presenter from your own home.